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$50k gift from Monument Health supports Crisis Care

In it's ongoing effort to support of the non-profit's efforts to help the at-risk youth of Rapid City, Monument Health donated $50,000 to the WellFully Adolescent Crisis Care Center.

WellFully's Adolescent Crisis Care Center (ACCC) is the only crisis care center in South Dakota for adolescent youth who are in crisis or may be considering suicide. It is a free-will, walk-in resource for all middle and high school age youth, increasing their access to services while reducing their trauma.

Through contributions such as this, it makes it possible for WellFully to continue to provide new and expanded programs, mindful maintenance of our facilities and other expenses that are above and beyond the standard fees collected for counseling, treatment and room & board for the youth who come through our programs.

John Pierce of Monument Health commented that "we are glad we are able to help WellFully in its efforts to help the youth of our community."

If you would like to learn more about WellFully, and how to make a contribution to support the Crisis Care Center or any of WellFully's Adolescent Care programs, go to our website at



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