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Coming soon - a pizza truck near you

In a joint venture with Abbott House, WellFully is awaiting delivery of its new "WellHouse Pizza" food wagon. As the newest part of WellFully's LAB (Life Above & Beyond) after-school program, the food wagon will be a learning opportunity for youth in WellFully's programs as well as youth in the community at large.

The food truck will be a youth operated venture where they can learn entrepreneurial food service skills of developing a business plan, menu/product development, marketing and customer relations.

The WellHouse Pizza will be under the supervision of a Food Truck Manager/LAB Educator, whho will also be charged with the coordination of the LAB programs other aspects. WellFully is currently accepting resumes for this position.

Open to all youth in the community, the goal of the LAB program is to provide a safe, educational place for the kids in our community to go where they may learn basic life skills, , personal finance along with job-seeking skills that can prepare them for young adult hood.


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