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Are you are the kind of person who goes out of your way to help kids find a better life and future? WellFully Premier Adolescent Care Center has a unique opportunity for you!

You can have a direct impact on the future of the hundreds of at-risk youth who come through our residential programs every year.

To fill out the application for employment at WellFully please click on the "apply here" button. You may use one application to apply for multiple positions.

Addiction Recovery


As a Counselor for WellFully's Addiction Recovery Unit (ARU), you will have a direct influence Through WellFully's high-quality residential and afterschool programs, youth develop effective coping skills, make better life choices, and receive ongoing support for a successful future.​

CLICK HERE for the job description

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Crisis Care Counselor

As a Crisis Care Specialist (CCS) your primary goal is to provide impactful guidance and understanding for the in-crisis youth who come to the Crisis Care Center in their time of need.

CLICK HERE for the job description

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