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Have you met Jim Dotson? He's retiring!

WellFully staff and ,youth gathered on Wednesday morning to with Jim Dotson well in his retirement.

Jim began working as WellFully's Housekeeping Specialist in 2016, and has been working hard ever maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of all areas the WellFully Premier Adolescent Care Center.

When talking about Jim's time here, one staff member commented, "he started out at the old facility on St. James St., which had way more little rooms, nooks and crannies that needed to be cleaned." Jim commented that while the new facility is way bigger, it is much easier to keep clean.

In addition to his duties cleaning, Jim also like to spend time talking with the kids as well as teaching a few of them to play guitar.

As is WellFully tradition with staff and youth who are leaving, Jim was presented with a quilt signed by youth and staff wishing him well in his retirement. When asked what's in his future, Jim said that "he is looking forward to traveling to see his kids and grandkids, as well as spend more time at home with his wife.


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