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Through our residential and after-school programs, WellFully helps at-risk youth develop effective coping skills leading them to make better life choices about their own health, education and employment so they can have a better future!

The Addiction Recovery program provides healthy recovery options for youth ages 11-18 who have substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders. 

The  Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility is an inpatient treatment option for teen girls struggling with ongoing behavioral, emotional and/or psychiatric problems. 

The Adolescent Crisis Care Center is a free-will, walk-in resource for middle and high school age  youth who are in crisis or may be considering suicide. 

WellFully is committed to the idea that even though the youth we work with have found themselves in our care, their education will not fall through the cracks of circumstance. 

Image by Kenny Eliason

Life Above and Beyond LAB, WellFully's after school and summer program was created to provide a safe place for youth who may otherwise be unsupervised and risky behaviors are especially prevalent.

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