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BH Jeeps brings Festival of Lights parade to WellFully

Aware that the kids at WellFully are not able to get out and the the Festival of Lights parade, members of the Black Hills Jeeps club brought the parade to them.

Each year, the Jeep Club owners decorate their rigs up with lights and other holiday decorations to participate in the annual parade that kicks off the Christmas season.

This year, 16 jeep owners participated in the parade, then following the parade, as a club tradition, they cruised over to WellFully to give the kids a private show.

This visit is a highlight for the kids and staff alike at WellFully. The clubs visit with their vehicles decorated in bright lights and Christmas decorations has become somewhat of the kickoff for the season at WellFully.

Ty Brown, President of the Jeeps club said that the members "love to decorate their vehicles for the parade, but the added bonus is to be able to show their rigs off to the WellFully kids."



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