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BHFCU contributes to Food Service Fund

Pictured above are (l-r) WellFully Communications Manager Todd Pfaff, Casey Monroe and Leslie Millard from BHFCU, Robin Wieczorek and WellFully Executive Director Bob Burke.

Representatives from the Fifth & Minnesota Branch of the Black Hills Federal Credit Union (BHFCU) stopped in to WellFully to make a donation and drop off some school supplies.

Branch Manager Casey Monroe (second from left) and team member Leslie Millard are shown presenting a $700 check to WellFully Food Service Director Robin Wieczorek that will go towards purchasing a second insulated holding/proofing cabinet for WellFully's Food Service program.

A long-time supporter of WellFully, especially when it comes to the education program, Monroe commented "“BHFCU supports Wellfully’s commitment to the youth in our community. As a parent who has utilized WellFully’s resources, I am very grateful to the staff and their facility.”

Wieczorek explained the need for a second cabinet (pictured at right) which can cost as much as $2500. "There are times when the kids aren't able to come down to the dining room to eat their meals. Then we use our single cabinet to take the plated meals up to the units. With three separate units (Behavioral Health Care, Addiction Recovery and Psychiatric Health Care), that can be a long process to get everyone fed with only one cabinet."

It is through the generous support such as this from businesses and individuals from across the area that allow WellFully to focus funding on developing new and expanded programs, maintain and improve our facilities and cover other expenses that are above and beyond the standard DSS/Insurance counseling, treatment, room & board).

If you would like to make a donation to Food Service or any other program at WellFully, click here or contact Todd Pfaff at (605) 277-3857 or email him at



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