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Christmas came early at WellFully

Over the weekend, staff and youth at WellFully turned on the Christmas spirit as the non-profit youth care facility held its Christmas in July fundraiser at the WellFully Premier Adolescent Care Center facility.

The event raised over $800, which will go toward an End of Summer Bash for all WellFully clients to enjoy some games, food, and music.

The holiday-themed bazaar offered several venders selling jewelry, kitchen & cooking merchandise, and home decor. WellFully resident clients also had a hand in creating original artwork, jewelry, baked goods, and coffee that they also sold the show attendees.

Food and snacks were provided by Just Hitz and Old School Sliders food trucks and the kids prepared and sold the items at the coffee and bake sale.

Event organizer Amber Eggert said of the show "This was a great first Christmas in July event. Being able to showcase our very talented clients was the highlight of the event.”

From set up to knock down, all of WellFully youth were able to take part in some way and have said that “they had a blast and want to participate again!"

Eggert looks forward to holding the event again next year. "I've learned a few things our first time around, and already have ideas to make it bigger and better.”

Our thanks go out to Old School Sliders, Just Hitz and other local vendors who attended and helped make this event a success. Another shout out to WellFully staff and clients who helped get this new event off the ground!



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