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Hartpence named Interim Crisis Care Director

Charlie Hartpence has been named the Interim Director for the WellFully Adolescent Crisis Care Center (ACCC) of Rapid City.

Hartpence came to WellFully as a Crisis Care Counselor in December of 2020 just as the concept of the Crisis Care Center was coming to fruition. WellFully CEO Burke Eilers said of her appointment that “Charlie has been with the ACCC from th beginning, and has been a major influence on its operations and its success in our community. It’s only natural that she be a part of helping the program move forward.”

Charlie was excited to be a part of this new program. “I wanted to be a part of the new Adolescent Crisis Care Unit. I was excited about having this service in the community and I continue to be excited by it and seeing it grow.”

She goes on to say “that the interim director is a very new job for me, and I am just beginning to learn the details of that position. I intend to be able to support my staff so they can continue to succeed in helping the Crisis Care Center grow.”

When asked if there are any particular life experiences that have helped her at WellFully, she said “I think growing up in a home that fostered children has helped me in my work at WellFully, along with my education and the work experience I gained in this field in other agencies.”

Going forward, she hopes that this position will provide her with the opportunity to create stability in the program, help it continue to be successful, and help us grow as a team. Her new position at the program will help her to advocate for the best possible and most appropriate outcomes for clients.

Taking pride in continuing to be part of the Crisis Care Unit, she said. “This is hard work, and it takes a lot of endurance but it is a very unique and much needed service.” Her time as a counselor in the program has given her ample time to experience its many success stories. “The ones that inspire me the most, especially as an advocate, are the ones where clients come in and are fearful that they are going to be sent far away but we are able to work with the other units to keep them close to friends and family.”

A lot of the youth here (in WellFully’s residential programs) and coming here have lived through so much have had many experiences inflicted on them beyond their control. “I want them to know that this is just the beginning of their life. I want them to know that they are incredibly strong and have proven that they are capable of getting through just about anything and that life does get better.”

WellFully's Adolescent Crisis Care Center (ACCC) is the only crisis care center in South Dakota for middle and high-school age youth who are in crisis or may be considering suicide. The ACCC is staffed 24/7 with specially trained professionals who provide care our at-risk youth require.

WellFully’s Adolescent Crisis Care Center provides:

• Access to services while reducing trauma

• Timely screening, assessment, and observation for youth in crisis

• A new access point for youth in-crisis who require stabilization

• A direct connection to resources within the community

If you are in crisis and contemplating suicide, you are not alone! We are here for you - always!


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