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Joel Brand named Chief Financial Officer of WellFully

The Board of Directors is proud to announce that it has selected Joel Brand as the new Chief Financial Officer of WellFully.

As a native of Rapid City, Joel is native of Rapid City, he and his fiancé and daughter are happy to continue to call the Black Hills home.

He received his B.S. majoring in Accounting from Black Hills State University and has worked professionally for the past few years as a staff accountant.

His experience over the past few years working for non-profits was a major asset in being selected for this position. COO Burke Eilers commented that "we are all excited to have Joel join us, bringing his experience in non-profit accounting to help WellFully move financially into the future."

Bringing compassion, a team-oriented attitude, and unique perspectives as the new CFO, Joel noted that “he enjoys non-profit accounting because it gives him the opportunity to help people while keeping an eye on the bottom line.”


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