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Madeson Olson named March Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Madeson Olson

for being named WellFully’s Employee of the Month for March

She joined WellFully as a Youth Development Specialist (YDS) in January 2021, then after nearly a year working directly with the youth on the units, she accepted the position of Case Manager for the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.

As the case manager, she is coordinates family visitation schedules, ESI orders, emergency placements as well as serves as the point person for residential care runaways. In addition to supporting counseling staff, she also is on hand to provide daily support for the residential youth and their families.

When announcing her nomination, it was noted that Madeson cares about the youth and staff alike, always coming in to work with a positive attitude. “She is a great asset to WellFully, always willing to step in and help on the units.

Madeson is actively working on getting her hours and providing group sessions for the youth clients as she works on her requirements for her Addiction Counseling Trainee (ACT) certification. In addition to her normal duties as case manager, she has been extremely conscientious toward her ACT,” noted one nomination.

The Employee of the Month honorees are nominated each month by their peers to recognize those who go above and beyond in carrying out theri duties. Staff are chosen in rotation between Support, Counseling and Youth Development departments


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