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Maintenance Coordinator Brian Thaemert named January Employee of the Month

With a knack for keeping everything running around WellFully building and grounds, Brian Thaemert was named the January Employee of the Month.

Originally from Colorado, by way of Wyoming, Brian made his way to South Dakota to be closer to his wife’s family.

He joined WellFully in October 2022 as Maintenance Coordinator. “I fix the broken stuff, sometimes with the clients help,” Brian says of his job. “I particularly enjoy the days that I go out and shovel or plow snow with the kids. In most cases, all I need to do is ask and they are eager to help.”

His dedication to the maintenance of the WellFully facility has not gone unnoticed by his fellow staff members. In his nomination for Employee of the Month, it was noted “Brian is a hard worker and goes above and beyond at his job.” Another comment said that “he takes pride in his work and always has a positive attitude.”

When asked “Why WellFully?” Brian said that he believes in the mission. “I have always enjoyed helping the youth of today. I'm blown away because this job has changed my perspective on adolescent care. Now I'm more in touch to what I do every day at WellFully because it effects all the clients and staff that I interact with on a daily basis.”


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