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Over 300 feet feel the warmth of Sock Drive

Our appreciation goes out to everyone that donated to the 2022 Sock Drive.

Because the youth in WellFully's residential units spend much of their time in stocking fee, with all the steps that they are getting in, they are bound to go through a lot of pairs of socks!

The WellFully Sock Drive was held through the month of December and collected over 150 pairs of socks that will go toward warming the feet of the youth in residence at the WellFuly Premier Adolescent Care Center in Rapid City.

But that's no to say that donations of new and unused socks won't be accepted the rest of the year. Crazy Socks! White Socks! Tall Socks! Short Socks! If they are new and unused, just stop by 22 Waterloo St., Rapid City.

All donations are accepted Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm.


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