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Program Manager Yvonne Espinoza named October Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Program Manager Yvonne Espinoza for being named WellFully’s October Employee of the Month.

After joining WellFully as a Youth Care Worker in December of 2017, after a few years, she accepted the position of School Liaison where she registered incoming WellFully youth into school and coordinated the efforts of WellFully’s education support team with the youth’s own school.

It is her attention to detail and organization skills that earned her recent appointment as WellFully’s new Program Manager, where in addition to her school duties, she manages the ongoing needs of the unit staff and youth. She is also charged with processing purchase orders from the staff, making sure that everyone can get the supplies they need to effectively carry out their duties.

When announcing her nomination, she was noted for her skills as a jack of all trades. “Yvonne gives her best in any task she takes on. From making sure the kids are keeping up in school to creating unique decorations for activities and events, she is the best!”


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