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WellFully no longer accepting used clothing donations

Due to a recent change in dress code policy for the youth in its residential programs, WellFully Premier Adolescent Care Center (PACC) will no longer be accepting donations of pre-owned clothing.

Program Manager Yvonne Espinoza explained that "we have changed over to a youth dress code of t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants in solid, dark colors to maintain a uniform style in what the kids wear." She went on to say, "WellFully has always had policies to prohibit gang colors and symbols. Because these types of symbolism are constantly changing, this new dress code of solid colors makes it a lot easier to control."

Space is another reason for the change in policy. As WellFully's programs continue to grow, our need for office and storage space is at a premium. By eliminating the abundance of used clothing that comes in every week, we can make better use of the limited storage space available.

However, WellFully will accept new t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants and underwear. Examples of the styles of these clothes can be found (and purchased) on WellFully's Amazon Wishlist, which has been compiled to make it easy to share your generosity with WellFully because you now know what we need - everyday!



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