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WellFully provides options for holiday philanthropy

Whether it's for #GivingTuesday or just getting into the holday giving spirit, WellFully has prepared some options that will help you choose WellFully to share your generosity.

- Holiday Wish List - You can help fulfill the holiday wishes of the many youth we serve year-round by donating gifts that will show up under the tree Christmas morning for the many youth who spend the holidays at WellFully.


- WellFully Everyday Needs is list of items used throughout the year by and for the kids in our programs. From the basics of clothing, bedding and health & beauty needs to the extras like art supplies or activities, you can help the many youth we serve year-round by donating items that will make their stay at WellFully more comfortable.


- WellFully Butterfly Campaign - Butterflies represent new beginnings or rebirth. They go through many stages before they reach their full potential like the adolescents we serve.

Swarms of butterflies will fly in our building when you help support the important work and care that WellFully is doing to help at-risk youth from across South Dakota in their own transformation.

With six levels from $100 to $1000, Your butterflies will be hung in the entrance at WellFully with your name and the amount you have donated. Funds raised from this campaign will go toward retiring the debt on our facility.


- Naming Rights Campaign - Your name can help maintain the Premier Adolescent Care Center on into the future, allowing it to continue helping countless at-risk youth from across South Dakota.

Through this capital campaign, your contribution can go into specific areas of our facility, thus improving and expanding our behavioral health and addiction recovery programs that directly benefit all the youth that we serve.

By making a gift to WellFully through these naming rights opportunities, you are sharing a message of hope to generations of youth who will see it for years to come. Your name/logo will be posted prominently in the sponsored area.


- Direct Donations - We will always welcome individual contributions that are not directed to any particular campaign - that just say "I want to help!"

For more information on any of these donation options, contact WellFully Development Director Jennie Best at (605) 277-1545

or email her at


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