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WellFully Shine & Show Scheduled for May 6th

Last year’s Jeep Shine & Show went over so well, this year it will be earlier, bigger and better – WellFully’s 4×4 Shine & Show is back BIGGER and BETTER!! WellFully will be hosting the Shine & Show on Saturday, May 6 from 9 am to 3pm in the parking area shared by 605 AutoPlaza and Love Inc. There will be fun, food and more for all the family, with food trucks will be on hand for coffee, lunch and snacks.

Make it Shine! A free-will donation youth car wash will be taking place throughout the day for anyone who wants to make their vehicle shine.

Then Show it off! This event is also for all of those 4x4 vehicle owners who would like to shine up their rigs and show them off. Whatever the make - Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Toyota or a garage built-hybrid... no matter the use - back roading, hill climbers, rock crawlers (and yes, grocery getters) they are all welcome. Registration ($20 per vehicle) will open at 8:30am.

As an added incentive, the WellFully kids and staff will be voting on best of show vehicles in four categories (Jeep, Sport Utilities, Trucks and Rock Crawlers) with the winner in each receiving a percentage of the show proceeds. Voting for best of show will take place after lunch with the winners to be announced at 2:30pm.

For more information, or sponsorship opportunities contact event coordinator Todd Pfaff at (605) 277-3857 or email



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